study week etc

i'm not not blogging because i don't want to... it's because i'm in the middle of exams (well.. about to start) and then there's varsity holidays.
net connection at home is dial up and the only reason i'm doing this now is because i needed to check my exam timetable and download a zip file full of notes for my one course.
i'll try update when i can.
this also means i don't get to read any blogs either :(
oh well...

the answer to the last quote:
teenage mutant ninja turtles :)

oh... go see xmen 3!
it was awesome.
the movie quote game will continue when i get back to proper blogging (about a month from now).


dream armour scrap

blade runner. first quote: bryant tries to convince deckard to go after the replicants. second quote: tyrell talking to deckard about the replicant test.

and today's quote(s):
[delivery guy]: "Hey, this is a 10. The tab is 13!"
[name removed]: "You're two minutes late, dude."
[delivery guy]: "Aw come on, I couldn't find the place!"
[name removed]: "Wise man say: forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza."
[delivery guy]: "I gotta get a new route. And I thought I delivered everywhere."

the film was released in 1990.
think 4 artists
think martial arts
vanilla ice starred in the second movie

i forgot to mention this yesterday:
i was outside after a lecture and there's this big trailer parked behind the comsci building. some people pitch up with a bunch of pc boxes that have "SCRAP" written in permanent marker on the outside and they begin manhandling the pcs into the trailer.
i got a look at some of the insides: ram, cpu, mo'bo, cdrom drive... all still intact. all still inside.
i managed to chat to one of the guys that works for IT here and he said that they don't test the stuff they scrap because it just takes too long.
sometimes they leave entire scsi setups in the boxes.
and some of the machines they're scrapping are pIII's.
perfectly working tech being trashed.
basically these scrap vultures pay a couple of bob per box and then turn it into scrap metal. all they're interested in is the box.
man... it was saddening to see.
i don't know about you but i'd happily accept a working pIII, pII, or even pentium.
(moonflake would probably be upset with me for making more of a mess in the flat than i normally do)
you could do a lot with those things...
my dad is still running a pentium (p1 dammit). i'd upgrade him to at least pII if i had one.
plus they'd make a sweet firewall/proxy for when we finally get adsl.
plus, sweet platform to play old dos games on.
get enough of them and you could create a small cluster and supercompute stuff.
hell, i'd dig through the machines just hunting down pc-133 memory to add to my machine.
(yes... i still run an old pIII 800. someday i'll join the bleeding edge of computing again)
what a waste.

i had another odd dream or two last night.
i was away with a bunch of people, most of whom were staying in this log cabin thing in a field.
for some reason a few of us were a short distance from the cabin in a dirt road and i was looking up at the night sky.
the moon was looking full, when all of a sudden i notice a line down the middle of it.
watching intently, i see the line grow thicker and thicker and thats when i notice that its a reflector of a sattelite that i'm seeing edge-on.
it turns and a tranclucent gold reflector becomes visible as the sattelite passes overhead, only a few hundred meters high.
the feeling of awe was palatable.
continuing to watch, it comes crashing down in a field in front of the log cabin and some of it bounces onto the cabin.
while everyone rushes to make sure the people in the cabin are ok (i knew they were... assesing the damage done to the cabin told me that) i go off to the field to start gathering reflector bits.
when someone asks me what i'm doing i tell them that i'm collecting the reflector for moonflake. she'll be so happy to get a piece of an actual sattelite.
(i wonder if this has anything to do with our previous conversation about moonrock, how cool it'd be to own, and how much money you could make selling it.)
eventually i wake up.

shift position, close my eyes...

and i'm riding a bicycle down a highway (safely in the yellow lane).
eventually i take a turnoff and stop for a quick rest and to get my bearings.
i know i'm heading for a destination (in that dream knowledge way) but that seemed unimportant to the rest of the dream.
i go cycling through a suburb, looking at the houses as a drift by.
eventually some girl asks me for a lift and ends up alternately sitting in the parcel basket in front or walking next to me while we meander through the suburb.
at some point we pass through someone's house (they had 2 dogs) and into some more back streets.
finally arriving at a cul de sac that has an entrance to a rather large property with multiple buildings and lots of red dust.
we rode around there for a while and then i woke up.

and wow-europe has some nice armour pictures :)


just your average day

answer to quote:
the devil's advocate. not too difficult to get. al pacino plays a great part.

today's quote(s):
[person 1]: "They jumped a shuttle off-world, killed the crew and passengers. We found the shuttle drifting off the coast two weeks ago, so we know they're around."
[person 2]: "Embarrassing."
[person 1]: "No sir. Not Embarrassing because no one's ever going to find out they're down here. 'Cause you're gonna spot 'em and you're gonna air 'em out!"
[person 2]: "I don't work here anymore. Give it to Holden. He's good."
[person 1]: "I did. He can breathe okay as long as nobody unplugs him."

another quote:
[person 3]: "Is this to be an empathy test? Capillary dilation of the so-called blush response? Fluctuation of the pupil. Involuntary dilation of the iris..."
[person 2]: "We call it Voight-Kampff for short."
harrison ford, rutger hauer.

not much going on again today (been a real slow week hasn't it?).
i've been browsing the shadowrun site more and more.
its rekindling the need to play a shadowrun game again.
i must mug yancke for the 3rd ed. rulebook.
it has become my duty!
(i'd be fine with a copy of 4th ed. too)
ahem... any way...
i came across some art previews and followed a couple of the links.
one of the artists (kevin wasden) has recently started a blogger blog called splinter.
and he has a website too of course.
another artisit, klaus scherwinski has a website full of art too.
klaus also has a couple of desktop images up for downloading (including an awsome optimus prime illustration).

i found an amusing conflict of articles HERE and HERE.
basically, eskom (power company) is going to spend a bunch of ca$h on promoting gas over electricity to get people to switch (and ease our beaten electricity grid... stupid government...).
they're subsidising the switching of electric stuff (cooking hobs, heaters, etc) for gas equivalents by giving massive discounts to people who hand over the electic stuff.
quick side note: the article claims (in a positive manner) " Two thousand appliances have been exchanged in Khayelitsha and Langa in the past few weeks."
problem with that is this: khayelitsha and langa are "informal settlements" (ie: a bunch of shacks made with whatever crap their occupants could find/steal) and they regularly have disasterous fires because some moronic fuckwit leaves his gas stove or heater unattended. and when a shack goes up in flames all its neighbours go up too because there's no clearance between their highly flammable shit-huts. would it be wrong if i thought "oh well... a few less criminals, beggars, and drains on social welfare" ?
probably. it'd probably be more wrong if i blogged that here.
back to the main story though (and possibly khayelitsha and langa's only hope).
so there's a big push for electric to gas conversion.
but the other article has this to say: "
Gas shortages have hit the country because major gas supplier Afrox has run short of cylinders."
yep. afrox supply 50% of the gas and they've run out of cylinders until the manufacturer opens shop again in a few weeks time (fuck knows why they're not open now). another major supplier of gas (easigas) had no comment as they're top brass couldn't be contacted.
some bright spark managed to accidently bump 2 braincells together and came up with this: " Preetha Harikishun from a petrol station in Clubview said it was not really a shortage the company was experiencing, but an increase in sales."
do you have the stuff to sell? no! so an increase in sales has resulted in a shortage dumbass!
to sum everything up: eskom is throwing money away, there's a gas shortage, dumbasses are making stupid comments, and shacks are going to burn on a more regular basis.
at least the people living in khyaletsha and langa will be kept warm by the flames that are burning them to death.
me personally: i'll stick to electric heaters and cookers. besides, i've got a decent duvet.
man, i wish i had a blanket like that though.


short post again

answer from yesterday:
willow. high aldwin telling burglecutt which way to go.

today's quote:
"There's this beautiful girl just fucked me forty ways from Sunday... we're done, she's walking to the bathroom, she's trying to walk, she turns... she looks... it's me. Not the Trojan army just fucked her. Little ol' me. She gets this look on her face like: 'How the hell did that happen?'"
name the movie.

think lawyers.
al pacino.

quick news:
acording to mr angry: egg is in fact available on pizzas in australia.
it seems it is popped on top raw and cooks in the oven.
i can understand that.
it might even be good.

gaming news:
the playstation 2 is getting a treat (in my opinion): appleseed.
magicbox has more pictures.
sega are aiming for japanese release in sept 2006, it looks reminicent of ghost in the shell: stand alone complex (also playstation 2).
it seems to be a 3rd person action game.
cannot wait.
appleseed manga was written by masumane shirow, the same man to write the ghost in the shell manga.
the games are by different companies however (bandai v sega) in spite of the similar look.


happy birthday sir arthur conan doyle

yep. the creator of sherlock holmes was born 22nd may 1859.
(random trivia for you)

the answer to yesterday's quote (yadda yadda):
johnny mnemonic. johnny is unhappy about slumming it :(

and today's quote(s):
[person1]: [throws an apple into the air which turns into a bird] "Go in the direction the bird is flying!"
[person2]: "He's going back to village!"
[person1]: "Ignore the bird. Follow the river."
know what film that's from?

don't know the answer? Stupid dikini.
think tree.

so not too much happening today...
i heard that egg is a populour topping for pizza in australia.
i'm trying to get mr angry to give us the low-down.
i guess i could understand a nice fried egg on a pizza.
scrambled would be odd though.
i mean... think about it.
it'd make the pizza all soggy if it were scrambled properly.

yep... that's how interesting today has been :)

but pizza is a good subject nonetheless:
what constitutes a good pizza?
anything with anchovies is automatically disqualified!
far too fishy!
and what's this big "macon" thing? give me real bacon dammit!
build a seperate "infidel" kitchen that deals in pork product and give me bacon!
i want a pork chop pizza with real bacon and extra ham!
i don't want mock chops, macon, and mam.
salami always good!
garlic is a must!
calamari can be good too.
what is the perfect pizza?
can mere mankind ever hope to obtain the smallest taste of such purity?

ok... so i've really got nothing to say today.
but i do like pizza.
and i expect an explanation mr angry!

btw: HERE'S A LINK to teach you how to fry an egg on a CPU.
and HERE'S A LINK to a site of pictures. a guy shoots stuff with a pellet gun and uses high speed photography to produce some stunning pictures.


false fires in the shadows

yesterday's quote answer:
x-men. the first film. magneto and xavier talking about their fears.

today's quote:
"Listen. You listen to me. You see that city over there? THAT'S where I'm supposed to be. Not down here with the dogs, and the garbage, and the fucking last month's newspapers blowing *back* and *forth*. I've had it with them, I've had it with you, I've had it with ALL THIS - *I want ROOM SERVICE*! I want the club sandwich, I want the cold Mexican beer, I want a $10,000-a-night hooker! I want my shirts laundered... like they do... at the Imperial Hotel... in Tokyo."
what's that film?

need hints:
there's a dolphin in the movie...
it starred dolph lungdren

today has been interesting.
while doing my usual morning post-lecture surfing the building alarm goes off.
as usual everyone ignores it.
the first alarm's always false. if it were a real alarm i'm sure we'd see the secretaries and the cleaners bailing down the corridors at full steam...
since the hired help weren't making like rats on a punctured sailing machine, we sat calmly surfing. occasionally someone would sniff the air just in case they could smell smoke.
you never can tell, a flash fire may have taken out all the hired help before their wailing screams alerted us. alternatively they could have escape through the back doors.
a minute or two after the first alarm, a calm voice quietly slides over the builing's broadcast system, gently urging everyone to evacuate.
i stuck around to finish typing a comment and to make sure it posted, before logging out and leaving.
i wasn't the last one out either.
no idea what it was all about, but it gave me a much needed cigarette break and i picked up a coke while i was out there.
by the time i got back everyone was filing back in.
i assume the network admin needed to get an extra boost to his pr0n dowloads so he hit the fire alarm and took the full bandwidth for the 15 minutes everyone was cattling outside wondering if the building was gonna blow.
on the plus side i remembered how to do those horizontal line rule thingies again :)

do you like shadowrun?
i do.
ever since i first heard of it.
fasa is king.
(actually fasa is no more... um... long live fanpro who now have the shadowrun license from wizkid and are continuing the work).
if you've never heard of it then let me give you a quick rundown:
its a roleplaying game (if you've never heard of those: i'm not going to explain it. that's what google is for) with an unusual setting.
its a cross between wiliam gibson style cyberpunk and your traditional dungeons and dragons fantasy.
its the future, but the cycle of magic has returned to the world and woken many dormant things.
previously slumbering genes awaken and humans split into several sub-species generally only showing signs of mutation around puberty.
trolls, orcs, elves, dwarves and people walk the street side by side.
except for the poli-clubs, and the riff raff and wage slaves, and the corps...
ok... not so much walk side by side but you get the idea...
since magic has returned to the world, people have awakened.
some people are able to wield the magic and call on elementals or spirits.
these people can train to become shamans or mages.
man and machine combine with cyerware and neural jacks become standard.
slumbering dragons awaken and return to a world which has been taken over by global megacorps.
everyone has a SIN chip with their unique ID... well, almost everyone.
you see there are a lot of people left in the slums and sprawls.
no SIN = no job.
so the poor are screwed (not like the megacorps would hire the riff raff any way)
and what are you to do if you happen to end up in the slums with no prospect of getting legal work, and no SIN?
easy! you do the dirty, underhanded, black-ops jobs that the megacorps don't want traced back to them.
you join a shadowrunning team and take jobs from a "mr. johnson."
do well and there'll be more johnsons and more jobs.
the more dangerous, the more creds you can get.
and if any stupid slothead gets in your way you frag the bastard. just make sure he's not a suit otherwise you brought a world of drek down around you.
no problem.

browsing through fanpro's website i discovered they have a nice little section with some fan fiction short stories... i've been reading them all day :)
that and downloading the free pdfs from DriveThruRPG.
you can get the 3rd ed quick star rules, the critters book, and the gm screen from there.
plus there's a whole load of desktop wallpapers (some of them are very cool) all made with shadowrun artwork here...
so its been a real busy day for me :)

there was a little bit of news that i was going to comment on, but the evacuation had me close all my links so i can't really link any of the sources now.
but i'll try remember the main bits...
the proposed march (cosatu) yesterday happened everywhere but cape town (since the security guard riots on tuesday made the municipality rethink the situation).
i was surprised. i wouldn't have thought legality would have stopped them... it doesn't normally.
but the stayaway (from work) went ahead as was expected. (you can't expect them to work when there isn't a march that they aren't going to can you?)
any way: there have been conflicting reports as to the success.
cosatu claims a whole bunch of numbers across the sectors...
employers say that it was a bit higher than the usual absenteeisnm expected on a normal day (10% as opposed to 6%) but no higher than a bad flu week.
since cosatu have outright lied before i guess that it wasn't that bad.
lots of workers were stranded without transport though as taxi drivers decided to "stick it to the man" too.
there was violence though: 2 buses torched, 8 buses stoned extensively, 1 bus driver dragged out of his bus and badly beaten a a mob of non-working workers. (i'd say that's an oxymoron, but i think they're more like the regular brand of moron)
that's all that i really picked up on but i didn't go in depth.

i did discover that a new bout of taxi violence is flaring up in cape town though..
turns out that this time 'round they're using snipers with rifles.
how evolved these moronic asses are becoming... it tugs the heartstrings.
no longer do they stick their gun-hand around the edge of the taxi and blindly open fire in the approximate direction of the other taxi (and all its passengers) while the other taci driver does the same...
now they've become sophisticated and hire gunmen to snipe taxi drivers.
last time i checked the life of a taxi driver was worth 50 rand (less than US$10).

for the overseas non-saffers (i'm looking at you mr angry) in south africa we don't have the usual london cab or new your taxi cab... we have delapidated volkswagen minibuses that are occasionally driven using a monkey-wrench because the steering wheel is missing. sometimes the driver holds a piece of string out the window and pulls on the brake pads to slow down/stop because the brake line has been cut (seriously: moonflake has seen that one first hand).
and since the minibus seats about 9 people comfortably (without anyone accidently impregnating anyone else on a trip down a gravel road) they pack about 24 people on to each one.
one reason why road deaths are so high here is because whenever a taxi is hit by a truck (happens often) or rolls over a cliff because the driver stopped to take a leak and didn't put on the hand-brake (also true) or simple terrible driving brings the trip to a sudden stop, the entire passenger load of the taxi get seriously injured or killed... and that is always 20+ people. always!
i've taken a taxi once in south africa. i will never do so again.
i'd rather walk for a few hours than catch a taxi for a few minutes.

think i made it all up? i qoute THIS newspaper clipping (better clipping available HERE):
"Some of the 23 passengers (17 adults and 6 children) with the goat outside a minibus taxi that was stopped for overloading on Saturday morning. Traffic officers impounded the vehicle, which was on it’s way to the Transkei."
that's right... 23 people and a goat in a minibus.
they probably all piled onto the next taxi that came along too...
if they were unlucky it was this one:

well i leave you with one final question to ponder:
if a quiz is quizzical what is a test?


idiots, ineptitude, corruption and morons, oh: and space

answer to last quote:
beverly hills cop. (the first one). its axle foley talking his way into a restraunt.

today's quote(s):
person1: "Does it ever wake you in the middle of the night? The feeling that one day they will pass that foolish law or one just like it and come for you? And your children?"
person2: "It does indeed."
person1: "What do you do, when you wake up to that?"
person2: "I feel a great swell of pity for the poor fool who comes to that school... looking for trouble."

no hints today... the quote should be easy enough.

mr angry just had a post about stupidity.
and then i read the local news.
lets start the roundup with cosatu (worker's union)

cosatu have decided to march... again.
(wow... must be a thursday)
while this isn't really news there are a couple of noteworthy things.
after the security guards (in their 7th week of violent striking) trashed cape town city center on tuesday (and bunches of people were injured and/or arrested including 2 high up satawu members) the municipality pulled permission for cosatu's march.
so they started the march any way (hell... what's another illegal strike in this country) and torched a couple of buses to begin the day (after stoning a bunch of other buses of course... got to work up an appitite for destruction.)
of course these alleged workers have torched trains before and so transnet has already suspended service on the cape flats line (stranding the workers from being able to get to work... ironically)
what i find funny is a lot of employers have given permission for their workers to join the march if they wish... but now that they no longer have permission these employers believe that there won't be any absenteeism.
ha!.... hahahaha! you make the little joke yes?
just because its now an illegal march doesn't mean it won't happen. that's a ridiculous notion, bothering about legality in south africa... really!

what i don't find so funny though is this:
cosatu are urging teachers to join the march:
"'We call on our members not to go to school on Thursday and join the march to parliament,' Sadtu regional secretary Don Pasquallie said."
do you want to keep kids from being educated?
the reason why your members are manual labour and are forever fighting for a better wage is because they're uneducated, you moron.
but i suppose its politically a good move. without uneducated idiots your union wouldn't have members.
i do like the statement: "Four out of 10 workers were unemployed, according to Sadtu."
i guess that means that 6 out of 10 workers aren't workers then...
that means that 4/4 workers are employed which equals 100% employment, and some uneducated people convincing real workers to stop working and go on strikes.
why work when you too can be involved in illegal and violent strike action?
feel the adrenalin as the crowd runs blindly to escape police...
fell the pressure of people behind you trampling your prone body to escape teargas...
feel the pure enjoyment of throwing bottles and stones at policemen who hold shotguns...
you too can be a complete moron. all you need to do is not go to work and listen to your militant unions. you too could be like the security guards behave like base animals as satawu lead you into the jaws of illegality into the stomache of civil unrest just so that they can line their pockets with money that could have been yours.
you too can be a moronic fuckwit!

and for some more corruption and illegality look no further than the police:
turns out that some criminal got his girlfriend to bring him a gun and cellphone which he took to many court appearences and eventually led to a hostage situation where two policemen were injured (one shot in the hand, one shot in the lung) and he was shot dead (at least the story has a happy ending).
how did she smuggle these things past the police? did she hide them in a most uncomfortable place? (what? like the back of a volkswagen?)
nope... she simply bought a bottle of vodka for
Inspectors Maxwell Khumalo and Simpiwe Nthetha, who then let her visit the crim in his cell... after visiting hours... without searching her!!!
well done morons. corrupt morons no less.
but you haven't heard the coop de grassy yet.
this crim was no ordinary crim.
no no no my friends. after he had been killed in said hostage situation they discovered his real identity: he was an escaped death-row inmate who had his sentence commuted to life imprisonment.
now notice: he had already been to court a number of times under his false name... this means that the police are not only stupid, not only corrupt, but wholly inept as they couldnt identify an escaped convict that they had been holding in their custody for an extended period of time.
surely you fingerprinted him? maybe he gave the cops a coke to lose the fingerprints...
now if that isn't an argument for death penalty i don't know what is. the death penalty may not be a deterant for others, but it would have stopped 2 cops being severely wounded here.
oh, by the way: the rest of the police are highly pissed off with them as they've thrown shame over all of them...
and: Inspectors Maxwell Khumalo and Simpiwe Nthetha are going to plead "not guilty" to all the charges.

and they wonder where the kids pick it up from:
some junior fuckwit in training took a gun to school and allegedly accidentally shot a girl in class. luckily she only got a flesh wound in her leg.
but you have to ask yourself these questions:
what the fuck are you taking a gun to school for?
where the fuck did you get that gun? (oh.. your uncle left it at your house. dumbass!)
what the fuck are you doing taking the gun out during class and playing with it?
he's currently in custody facing charges of attempted murder and unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition.
he took a gun to school, took it out during class and was playing with it when it "accidentally" went off and shot a girl.
fuckwit... the gun didn't do anything accidentally. it is designed with one sole purpose in mind: shoot bullets. if you're not going to shoot something you don't take it out. there is no other reason to take a gun out other than shoot something. the only accident in that classroom was the fuckwit that shot the girl. the best part of him ran down his momma's leg!
extra info bit: this is the third accidental shooting by a pupil in 3 weeks (that we know of at least).
for the mathmatically challenged: thats more than 1 a week. if we're lucky at least half of those will be fatal to the gunman and we'll solve our education problems, overpopulation problems, and crime problems all in one fell swoop.
unfortunately i believe our stupid criminals breed faster than anyone or anything can kill them.

on the positive side of news: koeberg is up and running again.
yay... there may be fewer power cuts now that they've finished fixing the generator... until a couple of weeks when the other genny goes down for maintanence and winter hits proper.
they only estimate a shortfall of 400MW.
but don't worry.. shortages will probably only last for 3 months (may, june, july).
great. i'm lucky this pc is still running then.
of course we all trust the power comany's estimations after the last time they were in the news (due to massive power cuts across cape town because we don't have enough electricity and the government is screwing the pooch on this one too).

and a personal pet peeve of mine: laugh it off tshirts are coming back...
after a year long hiatus, justin nurse is returning to shirt making (i want credit where credit is due, bull thief!).
nurse had this to say: "The new direction is more abstract - you interpret it yourself. Surreal was the only place left for me to go that was creative and exciting,"
for those not in the know: laugh it off make satirical tshirt (at least one of which was stolen from a poster i made... bull fuckers!). they take company logos and names and twiddle them into something humourous and then print shirts and make cash off them...
their new tshirt idea (remember that deputy (ass) president zuma has just been aquitted of rape charges):
"On one new shirt, the name of trainers company Puma has been converted to Zuma and instead of a leaping cat there's a provocatively posed naked woman. "
surreal? i don't think so moron! while funny, (and slanderous i might add... but you're doing it for the satire not the money right? right?) you don't really need to interpret anything yourself.
so basically your previous statement was a load of balls to try make consumers think they're smart because they get the joke.

how about this for a tshirt design:
you have the laugh it off megaphone with the laugh it off text next to it as usual, but in stead of "laugh it off" it says "load of ass".
how 'bout that for an idea?
not that i think you'd ever have the balls to mock yourself (as all real satirists are wont to do) i have to add this disclaimer: you steal my shit without crediting me again and i will personally train a pitbull to ass-rape you while pouring sugar into your gas tank and spreading viscous roumors about your questionable sexuality and the homeless guy who lives behind your office block.

now you may be tempted to rip me off just to see the results of said training, but know this: i'm extremely lazy and may just unleash an untrained pitbull into your house after giving it 5 viagra and a slap about the face. on your way home i'd spray your jacket with pheremones ordered over the internet and let you find the surprise yourself!

and now for the space:
go to www.space.com and have a look.
they have some cool pics and desktops and loads of information.
go look.
here endith the post.


bad news wii good news wii

simon gave it away yesterday.
maybe i should have removed his name too... but i didn't think it was that big a clue.
oh well :)
answer for yesterday's quote:
die hard with a vengance (die hard 3). John McClane talking to Simon (quote 1). John McClane talking to Zeus (quote 2). die hard rocks. they may be making a number 4...
and today's quote:
"Don't you think I realize what's going on here, miss? Who do you think I am, huh? Don't you think I know that if I was some hotshot from out of town that pulled inside here and you guys made a reservation mistake, I'd be the first one to get a room and I'd be upstairs relaxing right now. But I'm not some hotshot from out of town, I'm a small reporter from "Rolling Stone" magazine that's in town to do an exclusive interview with Michael Jackson that's gonna be picked up by every major magazine in the country. I was gonna call the article "Michael Jackson Is Sitting On Top of the World," but now I think I might as well just call it "Michael Jackson Can Sit On Top of the World Just As Long As He Doesn't Sit in the Beverly Palm Hotel 'Cause There's No Niggers Allowed in There!" "
can you name the film?

the hint for today:
its an oldie (mid 80's) and a comedy. they made 3 of them.
the character is a policeman.
umm... he also played an entire family in a more recent film.

good news for the uk:
schpat mentioned that he heard a report on the radio that may intrest you...
apparently our good buddy snoop (fuckwit) doggy (gumster) dogg (oxygen thief) has been banned from entering the uk.
that's right :) persona non grata.
you fight in our airports: no soup for you! you come back never again!!!
that'll teach him to be a violent, antisocial fuckwit.
actually it probably won't. but if you live in the uk he won't be your problem anymore.
reminds me of wesley snipes who entered south africa on a fake passport.
he would have been fine except flags were raised as the passport passed inspection, but was a little dodgy.
and then he tried to leave the country on the same passport and got nabbed.
persona non grata.
no more mr snipes in south africa.
of course wesley snipes was banned for doing something stupid (why was he using a fake south african passport anyway?) and not for being a violent menace to society.
hell... i'd swap with the uk. they can keep stoop(id) doggy dogg and ban snipes, and we'll forgive snipes and ban snoop.
but since i'm not involved in foreign affairs i guess that'll never come about.
think about it: what would the country be like if i was head of foreign affairs???
btw: i did not mispell gangster. for all you non-southafricans who haven't had a saffer bore you to death about sa already: gum (pronounced something like ghum, not like gum) basically means classless, baseless, crude, etc...
many of our gangsters are also gum. basically: if you actively have perfectly good teeth taken out of your mouth just so you can have a "passion gap" (also refered to as a "front loader") you are probably gum.
i think it originated with cape coloured afrikaans (a um... "unique" twist on the afrikaans language).
learn something new every day.
disclaimer: my afrikaans sucks! if i spelt it wrong or if you have a better definition: that's what the comments are for!

bad news for the nintendo (stupid name) wii:
magic box has a little bit about castlevania and the-console-formely-known-as-the-revolution (TCFKATR):
"Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi said that Castlevania does not fit with Wii, because the Wii market is for people who want to have new experience, these type of people do not have time to play lengthy games like Castlevania; also he does not have a good idea to make use of the Wii controller in the game."
this doesn't mean that castlevania won't be on the TCFKATR as i'm sure that if there's a demand it'll be met. and they'll find a way off making the controller work or just use the classic controller that is made for the downloadable roms.

good news for the nintendo console-name-that-should-not-be:
that's right: TCFKATR will have emulators to emulate old nintendo systems and the sega genisis! games will be downloadable. prices unknown. sega promis a best-of selection.

and now to finally finish off my file system.
i think i got all my pointers sorted out now...
only 2.5 days late... *sigh*


quicky: no real news

yesterday's quote answer (you know the drill by now):
hackers. everyone seemed to get it. the first quote was cereal killer (wd moonflake) and the second was the_plague: the evil IT guy. (eye-tee not clown).
and now for today's quote(s) (its tough):
Simon: "I want you and the Samaritan at the corner of 72nd and Broadway in fifteen minutes. You understand?"
[name removed]: "Yeah, I understand. I understand that you're a fucking wacko who likes to play kids' games."
Simon: "Hahdly."
[name removed]: "[imitating Simon] Hahdly? Well, what have you got against me anyway? What did I bring you in for? Shoplifting? Purse-snatching?"
[pauses and puts hand over the receiver]
"Cross-dressing? "
Simon: "You c... c... couldn't c... c... catch me if I stole your ch... ch... chair with you in it!"
[name removed]: "My ch... ch... chair with me in it? Well, Simon, why are you trying to k... k... k... kill me?"

and if you need a little more help:
[name removed]: "You know this guy Simon we're talking to?"
Zeus: "Yeah."
[name removed]: "I threw his little brother off the thirty-second floor of Nakatomi Towers out in L.A. I guess he's a little pissed at me."
Zeus: "You mean to tell me that I'm caught up in all this shit because some white cop threw some white asshole's brother off a roof?"

and because its so tough, one final clue:
this is the third movie in a trilogy. 1st movie: in a building, 2nd: at an airport, 3rd: in a city. and if you still don't know you'll have to wait till tomorrow

so not much going on today.
still coding file systems.
they still suck.
i hope my code's gonna work.

nothing newsworthy going on either.
so that's it for today :)


file systems suck balls! games, and i create the best news.

the answer to yesterday's quote (black text. select to view): 12 monkeys. l.j. washington tells bruce willis about his mental condition.
todays quote:
"FYI man, alright. You could sit at home, and do like absolutely nothing, and your name goes through like 17 computers a day. 1984? Yeah right, man. That's a typo. Orwell is here now. He's livin' large. We have no names, man. No names. We are nameless!"
if you need a second quote select the following text:
"Someone didn't bother reading my carefully prepared memo on commonly-used passwords. Now, then, as I so meticulously pointed out, the four most-used passwords are: love, sex, secret, and... god. So, would your holiness care to change her password?"
can you name the movie?
(i bet moonflake can.)

i had to write a file system for today for comsci.
i haven't finished.
i'm going to have to finish this afternoon.
its not that its difficult...
its just that i had to write a lexer for last monday, i had a test on wednesday, i have another test on this wednesday, i have a short prac handin for friday, and i have to extend the lexer into a parser for monday.
and i had a mild cold on saturday.
and i played some liesure larry 5 in stead of working.
i just couldn't concentrate and eventually had to rewrite a chunk of code because i decided to switch from an array of pointers to an array of ints and chars that reference a pointer array to get the neccesary pointers.
if you don't speak computers then heres a translation:
i just couldn't concentrate and eventually had to do something because i decided to switch something for something else.
it was a pain.
it still is a pain.
but hopefully by this afternoon it won't be anymore.
and for some reason my brain keeps wanting to spell saturday as saterday...
every time i have to write/type it i go to dictionary.com and search for "saterday" and it asks me if i meant saturday and i have to go change it.
i don't know why.
i never used to have the problem until i got this prac.

so, castlevania: portrait of ruin (for the nintendo ds) is going to have wifi co-op play. max 2 players. n-philes has a little interview thingie with the series creator: Koji Igarashi.
looks like their bringing completely new ideas to the game. if it works well it'll rock.
and the psp is getting a silent hill game. silent hill: origin will be released in the fourth quater of 2006. magic box has a bunch of screenshots. it looks suitably silent hill-ish. the psp is picking up some nice titles. hopefully the psp2 will have better battery life and a cheaper price tag. (i might actually own one then).
trawling through the news to try make today's post a little more interesting turn up no really worthwhile news. i started with local news:
taxi drivers threaten to strike again... big deal.
someone died in a fire... again? so what.
security guards are still on strike... 7 or 8 weeks now? i forget.
so i turned to internation news:
some dude trashed his ferrari... another car accident. big deal.
the greek orthodox church complains about the davinci code... tut tut. i expected more.
a girl lost her hand in a chocolate factory... unfortunate but not unique and its probably sown back on already.

maybe i'm just getting more cynical, but none of that interests me.
we need some real news...
something to do with an enraged animal, money, sex, and drama.
something like:
"crazy llama attacks naked couple in bedroom before dissapearing with their life savings. police suspect plot involving jelous ex-husband."
now that's news!
reporting ain't so hard. look at the news i just created.
if reporters were more like me i'd buy more newspapers...
i'd also probably complain about terrible journalism and lies in the media...
not to mention that the saturday argus would become the saterday argus.


a little game news

well i've managed to pick up a couple of new dots on my clustermap (see right column).
canada and south america have joined the fray along with siberia :)
i bet most of these dots come from searches and people are rapidly hitting the back button once they realise their mistake.
maybe i should add the goatse picture here just to shortcut things?
please note my magnanimity: i did not link to that site.
anyone who doesn't know that site: thank your lucky stars and just say "no!"

and on to the quotes.
the answer to yesterday's quote, as if you need it: (black on black. select to view):
once upon a time in mexico. agent sands (johnny depp) talking to "el" while eating a pork dish.

it may be a bit too easy, but here's today's quote:
"Don't mock me my friend. It's a condition of mental divergence. I find myself on the planet Ogo, part of an intellectual elite, preparing to subjugate the barbarian hordes on Pluto. But even though this is a totally convincing reality for me in every way, nevertheless Ogo is actually a construct of my psyche. I am mentally divergent, in that I am escaping certain unnamed realities that plague my life here. When I stop going there, I will be well. Are you also divergent, friend?"
name that film :)

not too much happening today. just a quick bit of game news.
since e3 is going on there really is loads of it at the moment, but i thought i'd just nab a piece or two for my blog. get the full coverage at the site i mentioned in a previous post.
the next generation consoles (playstation 3 and xbox 360) have some damn impressive hardware supporting their graphics.
this of course means more realistic graphics and better pantyshots!
that's right... tekken 6 is coming to the playstation 3 and looks better that ever.
and the xbox 360 gets an interesting game. i would have thought fasa would have gone the ropleplaying game route with this title...
shadowrun for the xbox 360 will be a team based fps (first person shooter) mixing magic, guns and tech.
use your cyber-eyes to look through walls (infra-red) to find enemies, summon an elemental to attack while while swinging 'round the corner to blow the other one away with a really big gun. taking place in the classic shadowrun universe.
i wonder if there'll be dragons? (remember: never deal with a dragon.)
on the rolplaying front:
a new all flesh must be eaten sourcebook is on its way: argh! thar be zombies.
that's right... they're finally doing a pirates sourcebook :)
about time too.
zenstar signing out with the old shadowrun saying: there's nothing to fear if you've got the gear!


nintendo golden shower, new wow race, and al lowe news

starting off with the answer (black text... select to view): mallrats. rene is making it clear to brodie that she's not taking his shit anymore. this was a difficult quote to choose as mallrats has so many good ones :)
and today's quote:
"...you really must try this because it's puerco pibil. It's a slow-roasted pork, nothing fancy. It just happens to be my favorite, and I order it with a tequila and lime in every dive I go to in this country. And honestly, that is the best it's ever been anywhere. In fact, it's too good. It's so good that when I'm finished, I'll pay my check, walk straight into the kitchen and shoot the cook. Because that's what I do. I restore the balance to this country. And that is what I would like from you right now. Help keep the balance by pulling the trigger."
hmmm... that might be a difficult one. select the text below if you need a (big) hint:
the character that says this is played by johnny depp.

al lowe has added a page on his site about sam suede: undercover exposure (the new game hes involved with) and the new company also has a webpage: ibase entertainment.
it sounds like al lowe is trying to bring his larry brand of humour into an action title. it sounds like it could be fun. go read the write-up yourself an lookit the pictures too.

the magic box has a list of games being planned for the future, including a bunch of games for the nintendo wii. scanning through that list i found something horrible:
Wii Sports. (a collection of sports games).
o.m.f.g. seriously!
wee sports?
nintendo, you need to fire the crackho that's responsible for this shit.
i can see it now: nintendo's next handheld will be called the p00...
(p zero zero. the zeros representing 2 eyes watching the game, or two thumbs on the controller)
there will be one of those "party" games where you try outdo your opponent and it'll be called "eat my p00!"
and soon you'll be able to get the nintendo buttsex next generation console,
with vibrating controllers...
and the flagship release game will be "assfuckers" a fps showing off the whoresome graphics...
do you see a trend here nintendo?
you need to do something about it now.
rename the console-formally-known-as-revolution.

and the new alliance race has been announced at E3.
the burning crusade addon will add blood elves (horde) and draenei (alliance) as new playable races.
the draenei (or "exiled ones" in their own tongue) are all blue and have a very "persecuted good guys" story to them. You know: beings of light being chased by nasty demons who have almost wiped them out etc...
very cleric looking.
go read the story yourselves... and pick up some of the new wallpapers while you're at it.


reportback dreaming.

the (now) usual start to today's post: the quotes.
i had a few responses saying that yesterday's quote was too easy...
i just can't win can i :)
oh well. here's the answer (black on black... select to view): serenity. malcom reynolds talking to the people in the bank near the begining of the movie. i was going to use jane's quote: "we're going to explode? i don't want to explode."

and today's quote (schpat should get this): "[name removed]! I've always taken you with a grain of salt. On your birthday, when you told me to do a striptease to the theme of "Mighty Mouse", I said okay. On prom night at the hotel when you told me to sleep under the bed in case your mother burst in, I did it. And even during my grandmother's funeral when you told my relatives that you could see her nipples through her burial dress, I let that slide. But if you think I'm gonna suffer any of your shit with a smile now that we're broken up, you're in for some serious fucking disappointment."
whew that's a long quote... what movie is it from?

well i got some reports back from people today so i guess i'll post the relevant:
firstly, al lowe is finally allowed to say what he's been doing for the last year. here's what he had to say (on his cyberjoke 3000 mailing list):

It's late Tuesday night at E3 and my secret is secret no more! I just returned from iBase Entertainment's very first press conference where we announced to the media what is by now obvious to you: I am doing a new game! Sam Suede: Undercover Exposure will be out in 2007 for PCs and next- and current-gen consoles.

The press conference was a blast. We had a big crowd; I'm sure you'll start seeing talk about Sam Suede soon, first online and then later in print. But, more importantly, it's just such a relief to finally be able to talk about this game! I've been working on it for over a year now, while still trying to maintain my "cover" as a retired guy playing golf and saxophone. Meanwhile, I've been working every day, all day, creating not only a fun game design, but a game development studio and a publishing company, too! I feel like Sam Suede: I've been Undercover and now it's time to get a some Exposure!

So what is iBase Entertainment? Who is Sam Suede? What is Undercover Exposure? More on all that tomorrow. As they say, "stay tuned!"

and our world of warcraft specialist report/gimp, holeycrusader (no link to blog because he dismantled it due to lack of updates... probably playing too much wow) shows us how much he loves children in his report on children's week, wow-europe:
And about your story about the orphanage quest in WoW, I did it yesterday with both my characters. But not for any silly pet that can follow you around... I did it for the money - the reward for the quest is one of the following: Mr. Wiggles the Pig, Whiskers the Rat, Speedy the Turtle or a bag of 5 Gold. What can I say, I started the quest with the best of intentions (I never knew about the money), but when they showed me the good stuff...
so there. he loves children for 5 gold apparently!

i had a comsci test this morning.
last night schpat came round and we played more zombies!!! corps(e). he won after we killed every zombie on the board. we then stayed up till +/- 1am.
after he left i couldn't get to sleep.
i lay awake thinking about many things...
why zombies are so cool.
writing a blogpost about why zombies are so cool.
computer games.
board games.
more computer games.
i eventually started to phase in and out of conciousness which led to some rather odd dreams.
i dreamt that my tongue piercing was back (i took it out years ago) and woke moonflake up to show her (in the dream, not irl luckily) except she couldn't see it, so i went to the bathroom to check and i could only see the bottom, not the top. and then eventually i couldn't see any sign of the tongue piercing and my tongue was bleeding a little bit at the tip.
so i went to the lounge and discovered the tv was on. i turn it off but i can still hear the sound and conclude that the tv next door must be on.
except now i cont see our tv... it's vanished. i go closer to inspect and there it is, lying flat on the surface of the table in the middle of the lounge, looking like a photocopy of the front of our tv.
my dream self realises that the tv was a flatscreen all along and it must have blown over in the wind, but where did the wind come from?
i check the front door and discover that the glass has been smashed, but the burglar bars/gate thing is still intact so i head for the bedroom to wake moonflake up just in case.
as i'm heading there i begin calling her name, but my tongue is still bleeding so i'm holding it to the top of my mouth which muffles my calls, and i just don't seem to be willing to pull it off the top of my mouth just yet.
i make it to the bedroom, moonflake is still sleeping, and check the room quickly while still calling out in my muted way.
the room looks fine until i've turned a full 180 and i'm facing the door again. suddenly my view is skewing and there's all these ladders in my way, blocking my exit from the room and some of them have rope tied to the top rung. there are metal ladders and wooden ladders and so on.
i try heading towards them but i'm weaving and my vision is still all skew and warping and everything is moving real slow and not quite right.
at this point i realise i'm dreaming because i've had the whole "someone's broken into my house and i can't call out and i my body stops functioning and my view is all screwy" dream before. so i wake up.
it must have been about 3 in the morning by now. someone in the flat then dicided to run a bath.
at night everything sounds louder and longer than it really is.
about an hour later the king must have arrived because the elephant-like trumpeting of the pipes finally ceased.
i started to think about why zombies are so cool and maybe i should write a blogpost about it...

i woke up early and wrote the test this morning.
i think i did ok, but i ran short of time and screwed up a question or two.
oh well...

i'd like to sign out with a qoute from bash.org:
dazed: yeah my mom caught my brother jacking off to Powerpuff Girls
dazed: she didnt yell at him because she was laughing so hard
dazed: she just told everyone at his birthday party the next day
BaileD: You have the most fucked up family ever. Period.


bastards! (and orphans)

the bastard got off.
a chunk of evidence that was allowed would have contradicted boatloads of his story.
thank you police for screwing that pooch.
unfortunately the verdict is probably legally solid.
i reference the oj trial again.
that's all i'm going to say about the subject.
it makes me too angry.
at least he apologised for the whole unprotected sex part of it.

today's answer to yesterday's quote (select text to view): hellraiser bloodlines. said by pinhead himself.

it has been brought to my attention that prehaps my quotes are a little to obscure and/or difficult. this game came about by listening to velvet acid christ who uses lots of movie sound bites in his music.
of course there's a big difference between reading the quote and hearing it, so i'll try to make them a little more recognisable.
today's quote:
"You all wanna be looking very intently at your own belly buttons. I see a head start to rise, violence is going to ensue. Probably guessed we mean to be thieving here but what we're after is not yours. So, let's have no undue fussing."
name that movie :)

its children's week in world of warcraft this week.
players can pick up orphans from ogrimmar (horde) and stormwind (alliance) who then follow them about on adventures.
there are a few sights that the orphans would like to see and when the player finally returns them to the orphanage (after visiting the sights) the orphan offers on of his/her favourite pets for the player to keep to remember the child by.
thats cool.

archangel is blogging again and has trivia questions (and a scoreboard).
go read her page!

real news roundup:
the miners that were trapped underground in australia are finally free.
the roman catholics neither support nor condone the davinci code movie (finally a sensible standpoint from a religious institution).
brazil is going nuclear: well... it's enriching (non-weapons grade) uranium for its reactors locally as opposed to spending the ca$h to have it done for them.
and the "aaawww" moment: a baby dolphin stranded in a rock pool near mossel bay has been rescued bu the NSRI and returned to its pod.

and E3 kicked off today.
find the official site here.
there's way too much to cover here so go browse their site for your specific intrests.
i'm still waiting for al lowe's announcement.

and thats it for today folks.


judgement day and bad burgers

oops... i forgot to put up the answer to the movie quote on the last post.
the answer is (selct text to view): extreme measures. hugh grant's character complaining about ethics.

and today's quote: "i can smell the exquisite stench of what you really are!"

name that movie!
end of edit.

i almost forgot...
today is the day that old zuma gets to hear whether he's been found guilty of raping an HIV positive woman or not.
iol.co.za doesn't currently have much of intrest... but i'm sure they'll update once things get interesting later in the day.
i think its possible that he may cochrane his way out of it.
i'm not saying he did it, i'm just saying i think he did it.
but i don't get to decide the verdict so i guess that's just my R0.02

browsing through the news today... nothing really sparks my intrest.

been browsing the world of warcraft (europe) site a bit.
meandering throught the articles and history that snag my attention.
man... i'd love to play that game on a proper server.
the events look like so much fun.
moonflake, love, when are we getting adsl *flutter eyelids* ?
my birthday is coming up sometime soonish *hopeful grin*.
there's even a travelling "faire" to take part in (seems stop once a month here or there).
oh well.
they also have cool wallpapers.
i don't need adsl to run those.

the weekend dissapeared far to speedily for me.
friday afternoon was spent declaring tokens and fighting with sableCC.
basically i needed to make a simple tokenizer, the first step in creating a compiler. declaring the tokens was easy. it should have been easy to compile that decleration into a lexer with sableCC, but noooooo.
sablecc started spitting out some version error at me. eventually i gave up and decided that it must be my java sdk that's too old (as i'd spoken to someone who ran the same version of sablecc with a newer sdk and it worked).
so i end up going up to varsity on saturday morning to finish off the stupid lexer before monday handin.
turns out that sablecc ver3.2 wasn't the problem... it seems that sablecc v3.2 combined with any sort of proximity with me is the problem.
it still wouldn't run, even on the varsity machines, while someone else is running the same version 3 machines over without a problem!
fsking sablecc 3.2
luckily sablecc version 3.1 isn't so snobbish and i completed the prac fairly quickly after establishing that ver 3.2 needs my foot up its ass!

friday night was supper with moonflake's dad and sister (and her boyfriend).
most of dinner was spent with moonflake and myself conversing with her dad while m's sister (and her boyfriend) looked on silently. it was kinda like having and audience that couldn't follow the on-stage dialogue.
those two really need to read more newspapers and watch more current affairs reports and spend less time researching hippy remedies which no-one is really interested in.

saturday afternoon - night saw us playing runebound (a board game).
we short break for spur supper which was accompanied by terrible service. the waitron's name was BLONDine. she was dim. with a capital d. so Dim really.
the guacamole was still mostly frozen. when we point this fact out to her, her response was "i know, it's just come out of the fridge."
well guess what: we don't want frozen guac. defrost it moron! she also took yancke's cuttlery with his burger (to warm up the guac) and braught back his burger, sans cuttlery and then promptly dissapeared without checking that everything was ok, leaving yancke to wander around the spur looking for another knife and fork.
man... what a dumbass waitress she was.
eventually we returned to finish off the game.
it took a damn long time but then most of us had never played before.
overall fun.
sunday saw us at moonflake's mom's as usual. a generally relaxing day followed by some yummy supper.

if only the weekend were longer.
i feel like all 2.5 days were rushed into one blurred day and i'm still waiting for my second (and a half) day of rest before today. *sigh*
oh well.


i'm honoured by racing zombies.

well i got no comments about yesterday's quote, but i assume you've made your guesses...
if you haven't then scroll down there now and guess.
the answer is on the following line, but it's black on black so you need to select the text to see it.
answer: scream. right near the begining when the first victim is talking about her boyfriend.
and today's quote: "You tortured and murdered those men upstairs, and that makes you a disgrace to your proffesion."
name the movie.
(and don't be lame: just say no to google).

so i'm sitting in my lecture venue this morning, before the lecture starts, and the lecturer comes in, puts down his stuff, then walks over to me and asks me to talk to him after the lecture.
first thing in my mind: "uh-oh. what have i done wrong now?"
so after the lecture i go talk to him...
turns out he wants to know if i'm doing honours next year.
i originally wasn't planning to... i mean i need to get out and get a little experience as well as save up some money if moonflake and i do plan on moving to australia sometime soon.
but now i'm thinking maybe i should. i obviously have a shot if the lecturer thinks i should go for it... and he did the whole "hard-sell" approach.
i guess this must be what being head-hunted feels like.
i'm gonna need to speak with moonflake and my dad before i can make any firm decisions, but its still flattering.

so our normal thursday game (d&d) was cancelled yesterday (schpat had to work) so we ended up playing zombies!!! corps(e) and cthulhu 500.
zombies!!! corps(e) is very cool. maybe its 'cos we only had 3 players, maybe its 'cos there are fewer map tiles, but it went really quick compared to previous games of zombies!!!: original, the end, and mall walkers.
moonflake managed to sneak the win by charging headlong into the zombie fray, battling her way to the helicopter.
and then she managed to sneak the win in cthulhu 500. barrelling through the opposition in her truck, managing to draw the checkered flag moments before being passed by the second car in the pack.

and it looks like they've updated zombies!!!
there's a version 2 coming out with all new art and female zombies.
and theres a zombies!!! 5: school's out forever.
(in case you hadn't noticed i really like zombies and the zombies!!! games)

anyway... not much going on today.
i'm tired and going home early so it's a short post today :)