people all around the world.

i recently put up one of those clustermaps on this site just to see where i was getting hits from. its only been active a couple of days but already there's a few interesting things to note.
in spite of most of my friends living in cape town i'm getting a spread of hits from around the world (ok. my cluster map does not look like a spotty teenager after eating a double cheese pepperoni pizza... like schpat's / moonflake's maps).
now this blog (this may surprise you) doesn't get millions of hits a day. i believe (read: fool myself into believing) that this is because my blog is highly intellectual and requires refined taste and understanding to fully enjoy it.
but then i know some of the people that read it and realise that i'm just not as interesting as the competition :)
but still... red blips from america (can't think who they would be), spain (who do i know in europe? everyone i know there is in uk), israel (*waves to totalwaste*), japan (konichiwa. i don't know who they'd be either), cape town (*waves to friends*) and jo'burg (*waves at chittychittybangbang*).
unless someone is trying to mask their ip to read my blog (maybe i'm unwittingly at the center of some massive spy vs spy secret swapping ring? the comments aren't for me but are coded messages?) i'm getting a diverse set of readers.
well whoever you are: welcome and thank you for reading.
i'll try do my best to keep up the same level of blogging as i always have :)
(pfft. that shouldn't be hard... its not like this is award winning material. i don't even use capitals).

since yesterday's post was so massive today's post is short.

just a quick bit of nintendo ds gaming news:
resident evil: deadly silence should be out in stores here soon (i haven't seen it yet) and is already available from take2.co.za.

on the zombie note:
n-philes report that a new zombie shooter is being developed. its called dead and furious. using the touchscreen they hope to recreate an arcade gun shooter. if they get it right it could be loads of fun :)

anyway. that's all for today.
if you want more finish reading yesterday's post (like anyone could read all that in one sitting.)


Anonymous Nenad said...

Hey, I am also reasing your blog from Jo'burg.

Also, remember that a lot of people, like myself, read your blog through an RSS reader (bloglines in my case), which means that they will not show up on a cluster map.

12:10 PM  
Blogger zenstar said...

oh yeah.
i keep thinking of you as capetown access.
i forget you're up there too.

as for rss feeds: yeah.. they also don't bump the hitcounter either. oh well.

also: wow.
the word verification is an actual word
i wonder if the blogspot admins read transmetropolitan?

12:15 PM  

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