essays never end

stuck up at varsity downloading essay research again...
will these essays never end? it doesn't seem like it.
i've still got another 2 projects to code too.
we have some new lecturer for the compilers section of the course.
she has the most irritating voice i have ever heard.
her voice makes my ears hurt.
and she has a habit of saying "a grammar."
"lets look at an example of a grammar."
now while dictionary.com seems to say that that's acceptable use, i think its like saying "a water."
it just sounds so damn wrong! a grammar system sounds so much better.
she does have a horrid, high pitched, afrikaans, plaasmeisie kinda accent. maybe thats what the problem is.
my ears bleed after 45mins in her lecture.
and this means another R350 textbook to purchase.
its an expensive month and it hasn't even started yet.
and this weekend looks busy.


Anonymous plosiguant said...

Actually 'a grammar' is correct in this contxt (at least the lecturer I had for compilers used it as well, as did the textbook).

(For all you useless infomration needs: Me)

2:14 PM  

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