one down... two to go...

fourier methods exam done.
i mad a couple of small mistakes but i think i passed overall.
it was rough and a little short on time but i think i got the right questions done.
well its over now and its only 1/4 of mam200w.
i only need 43 for this maths exam and 43 for the next to pass overall...
i'm still trying to get at least 50 for each, but its nice to know there's a little slack.

the weekend was pretty good.
spent a little time studying, a little time watching tv, etc.
schpat had me over for supper last night.
i think maybe moonflake slipped him some cash to make sure i eat while she's away :)
spent a large portion of the night sitting outside smoking cherry tobacco in the hookah and chatting with schpat and elizabeth.
the cherry and the coke we were drinking resulted in ultra ultra sweetness.
it was all good.
managed to wake up early this morning and was up on campus long before my exam started.

woo: nintendo ds news time -
they are making tenchu for the nintendo ds. magic box says it will be released in japan in spring 2006. hot ninja stealth action ^-^
eurogamer has a little article on tenchu ds. turns out that the viewing angle may be switched to a top down view, switching when you align yourself with a wall. there will also be the ability to set traps and make weapons with various materials. there will be loads of missions with some side quests added too.
can't wait.

also: square enix are remaking final fantasy III for the ds, and it'll be fully 3d. hopefully that'll turn out good.
not too much in the way of pics for either of these posts yet (just a couple) so keep a lookout for more news.

finally: biohazard: deadly silence is shaping up real nice!
magic box reports that there will be full motion video intro, and gamplay will include 4-player co-op and competition modes.

hmmm... don't really have much else to blog about at the moment.
just sitting up at varsity browsing the web a bit...
got another exam on thursday (comsci) and the final maths on monday so i'm probably just gonna end up studying for the rest of the week...
and then moonflake gets back on the tuesday after ^-^
my tuesday game: cancelled this week (studying)
cancelled next week (picking moonflake up from the airport)


Blogger totalwaste said...

possible sexual reference 1:
"schpat had me over for supper"

possible sexual reference 2:
"maybe moonflake slipped him some cash to make sure i eat while she's away"

it bothers me more that this indicates *my* state of mind. i definitely need to get laid.

12:45 AM  

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