heh.. moo-shoe... get it? *snigger*

nm happening today.
spent most of yesterday on the couch alternating between watching tv and playing advance wars 2.
talking of aw... my awbw turns are taking forever today... telkom must be sexxoring the lines again...
ask zenstar was updated answering the OG's gta question (original garrick).

reading a bunch of news over at iol today. a few things are plainly evident.
1. we have a lot of stupid and violent dickheads living in this country... a higher percentage of stupid, ignorant, violent fucks than anywhere else in the world (including warzones!)
2. people are way too pc for their own good... and generally they're only pc because society says "be pc!" they don't really believe or understand it. its like training a dog to "read" a book. it'll look at the pages and frown obediently (and maybe even turn the page every now and then) but is certainly does not understand anything its looking at.
3. stupidity. need i say more? just stupidity everywhere. some of it because the person is inherently moronic... some of it because the parents are preventing the child from developing (i didn't go to school... why should you?)... some of it because people don't want to expend the effort to think... some of it because they're paid to be stupid... this often links closely to point 1.

i'm not going to bother pointing out any "special" stories, but i will say this: "stop shitting in your water (typhoid township), stop abusing your children (many many cases), stop burning trains for being late (upset townships), stop looting (township schoolkids, and government), stop killing (many many many cases), stop producing more little fucks than you can care for and pay for (general), stop being a stupid dickhead (also general, esp government), stop replacing thought with automatic pc-ism (also general, and refering to qoutes about mr patel's hiring policies)."
it amazes me how stupid people really are... they think they know it all and yet they know nothing compared to your average first-world toddler.
(disclaimer: i understand i'm often wrong... at least i have a thought process leading up to my bad decisions).
to finish off this little ranty bit: at least 50% of this continent needs to die! who exactly? if we knew that life'd be a lot easier... i can tell you who i'd kill, but that'd just be opinion.

anyway... google has launched a blog search engine over at http://blogsearch.google.com. it seems pretty good. go have fun searching for your own blog.

erm... that i think is about all for today... roleplaying tonight... um... yeah!


Anonymous Plosiguant said...

I knew that there is a reason I never read/watch the news...

Anyway, the news has a stake in displaying the worst sides of human nature.

I don't think that killing 50% of the population would really solve anything...

Re-education camps, on the other hand...

3:33 PM  
Blogger moonflake said...

it would solve the overpopulation problem :)

6:04 PM  
Blogger zenstar said...

i like the idea of "re-education camps"...
once you got themn in there you could do away with them easily...
thanks for the idea hitler (and mugabe)

9:50 AM  

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