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well last night's comsci prac test was easy.
basically 2 questions...
q1: read in an array and spit it out again (with some fiddling)...
q2: read in some numbers, fiddle, spit out answers...
first q took about 20 mins, 2nd q took about an hour simply because i screwed up a for loop (increasing the variable x instead of the variable spam resulting in an infinite loop followed by a seg fault) and couldn't figure out where the fuck-up was, especially since i put in some funky cout and then forgot that i had made it so funky and was all like: "how the fuck is it read in that value???"
(btw: yes, i really do use variable names like int spam, string thing, int wikki, etc...)
but after i spotted my error it took but a few minutes to sort out and complete.
the automatic marking said i had 100% so i should pass the other datasets that give us our actual marks (and that we don't have access to so we can't hardcode the results).
test tomorrow though will be a lot more difficult being that its fourier methods. i've d/l'ed previous tests and solutions to the tuts which i'll print at home and study tonight and tomorrow day.

not much happening... there's a new dungeon rpg heading for the ds called wizardry asterisk: hiro no fuuin. magical punctuation or japanese naming conventions? we'll have to wait and see... (actually: it looks like a good old eye of the beholder style game).

also coming up is a psp game called shin megami tensei: devil summoner which is a remake of an old sega saturn rpg/quest thingie. looks cool.

all the metal slug games are being ported to gba :)
ah... those are some great arcade hits.

not much else happening at the mo.
schpat came round last night and we chatted lots...
will probably be doing the comsci project on the weekend.
weekend will be busy with land of the dead, bast's party, projects, sleeping, eating, going to the bathroom, etc...
anyway... i need to go to a maths lecture now.


Blogger schpat said...

Hey! what's up with the first pic? Look at your pants?

12:27 PM  
Blogger zenstar said...

just general pants.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous babyacid said...

A goog pair of pants and no blogg reference?

For shame!

4:38 PM  

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