bees and midriffs

don't forget about friday 23rd, canal walk, 8pm screening of land of the dead.
and the afterparty will be held at the one ring, with prizes and all.
dress up as a zombie and shable around the mall. it'll be great.
check schpat's page for more info.

theres something i don't understand...
i don't mind it. i just don't understand it.
wandering around campus i see plenty of girls who like to wear t-shirts that are just that little bit too short so they can show off their midriff (and there are far too many who really really shouldn't be showing it off unless they're trying to sell it for real estate).
now it looks cute and whatnot, except sometimes there's a wind or its a cold day, so what do they do? they wear a jersey for warmth.
but the jersey is also a little too short so that they don't cover that all-important midriff that they must be under contract to expose under pain of death.
its obvious that the jersey isn't doing its job as when its cold they obviously feel that its a bit nipply (erm.. nippy).
like i said: i don't have a problem with it... it just defies logic.
maybe i'm too practical with my dress-sense. maybe i should expose my midriff too. maybe us guys are missing out on something?

anyone who has been up on uct campus knows about the bees. they are all over the place all the time. you throw a can in the bin and a swarm of bees rises up to defend their territory and to pick the can clean of all possible substances.
their diet is made primarly of chocolates, cokes, and coffee (the dominant mostly empty containers in the bins).
now i was wondering: can you imagine what their honey looks like?
i mean no wonder they're all over the place. they're on a permanent sugar/ caffine rush. the busy worker must take a hit of tiny espresso honey before leaving the hive in search of his next sugary fix.

did my advance wars turns this morning only to discover that theres a new bug that prevents recon units and infantry units from firing their machine guns.
bugger! i kinda needed them to take out one of synk's infantry units.
oh well. its really a practice game for us and this'll just be concidered a random handicap of war.
the other 2 player is in a bit of a stale mate... i'm trying to push towards his lines, he's just holding me off with artillery. i think i'm going to build a small strike force of tanks and run them in with a small force of artillery behind. if he shoots one he'll get slaughtered by the other... as long as i survive that long ;)

in the 4 player game i'm in i managed to race to the airport, bottom center, and begin securing it in spite of a recon from one of the opposition racing to stop me :)
see the pic: i'm yellow comet in the bottom left.
this game only happens every now and then as it needs to go through 3 other people before i get my turn. but it looks like its gonna be a nice battle.
talking about advance wars: i'm halfway through the final mission of the normal campaign. once this is complete i'll start the advanced campaign (to make money to buy all the unlocked cos) and start doing warroom maps (once i have all the cos to use).

looks like this weekend is going to be rather bland for me as i need to do a little more coding (probably do some tonight) and a bunch of documentation finalisation for handin on monday: the final day of our comsci projects.
i can't wait for this to be over.
i don't really have a problem with the project or with doing it other than its damn boring and been stretched out too long (and they keep dumping tests and whatnot in the middle of everything. obviously we're only doing one course at varsity and don't do anything else what-so-ever when we're not in their lecture).

in the real world:
new scientist news reports that the media glamourising forensics is become a problem with jurors expecting csi in the courtrooms and being overly ready to agree with cautiously presented scientific evidence. criminals are also becoming more "dna aware" with a greater tendancy to wear rubber gloves during breakins and doing things like dumping an ashtray of discarded cigarettes in stolen cars before abandoning them leaving the police with 20 possible suspects... (my fav part of the report is the complaint that tv shows are showing crims how to avoid being caught, then they let slip with tricks like the one i just stated... silly).
but some dude said something about how all this doesn't really matter as you leave forensic evidence around anyway.

i'm sure there should be more to write about... but i can't think of anything else right now.


Anonymous Snowball said...

Work hard u lazy bitch. and when you are done doing the ewasy stuff then you can concerntrate on modeling 20 commando's! You know
i will only post once every blue moon!

2:56 PM  
Blogger Synkronos said...

Hey, does James know that Blue Moon is an AW faction? Or is that just random?

3:47 PM  
Blogger totalwaste said...

belly dancing: it's a world-wide fashion problem. it's tantamount to the new fad of people selling space on their bodies for tattoo advertising.

and, in case you were wondering (which i'm fairly sure you weren't), there's a new thing in israeli where a large group of guys wear the "too-short shirts". and it looks GHEY.

w-v: Pointy-headed Gnome Nicompoops Have Blue Loins Nightly

4:58 PM  
Blogger zenstar said...

nice to know someone somewhere takes my fashion advice.
btw totalwaste: you don't wear too-short shirts do you?
*sideways glance through slitted eyes*

11:12 AM  

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