so we have a new lecturer for architecture in comsci.
turns out he's another irish guy.
he's pretty damn funny and his lectures are informative and interesting.
this makes a change from the other irish guy (software engineering) who was crapper than a crapload of crap!
humourous thing is this:
this guy loves code and tells us he thinks software engineering is a load of crap and he thinks he failled the section when he did it.
the other guy tells us how software engineering is the best thing since sliced bread and how coders equate to janitorial staff in his eyes (basically).
i'm expecting a bomb-blast to rock the comsci building any day now.
i wonder if one of them is protestant and the other catholic?
seriously though... what are the religious viewpoints on code vs software engineering?
religion might be more interesting if they started making statements about this sort of thing...
"here at the vatican we believe in windows as we can understand microsoft's marketing strategies and they comfort us."
"here at the 7 day adventists we believe in command line based linux becuase we're just as difficult to understand and no-one really cares."

in other news:
square-enix, the company that is responsible for many great rpgs for a variety of consoles/ platforms, is set to buy out taito, the guys who gave us bubble bobble and a whole host of good games, both arcade and home based.
turns out taito is in a bit of a slump while square-enix is on the rise, so both companies have agreed that a buyout would be the best way forward.
read the article here.
this can only mean good games a plenty :)
i loved square. i love square-enix. i'm sure i'll love whatever they call it next... square-enix-taito ?
someone tell waynne to check out this blog and to follow the link.
(moonflake... i'm looking at you here ;)

not much else to report today...
remember all my players: kult game is back on today.
after a long hard trek through abandoned alternate-city blocks, meetings with strange denziens, a short-lived shopping spree at a 1980's miami 7-eleven, and a night spent in an old cyberchurch... you have finally made it into a giant machine and are ready to continue your journey.
schpat: you are not allowed to play a wino!

also: i'll be updating askzenstar again later today, answering vito's question.
also also: i'm over the $5 mark with google :) keep on clicking my beauties...
*rubs hands together*
yes... yessss... ssoon... soon...
*evil laughter*


Anonymous Waynne said...

I love the way that you just 'assume' that I don't read your blog and that moonflake has to point me to it...

I'm not saying that I do nor that moonflake didn't, but...

12:12 PM  
Blogger zenstar said...

just making sure the news got passed on is all...
you probably hadn't gotten round to reading it yet...
and the squareenixtaito thing probably intrest you :)

1:12 PM  

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